At ringsuits.com, our purpose is to provide the highest quality bitesuits in the world, with prompt, experienced service

at prices that provide the best value to you.


We carry two brands of bitesuits that have proven to meet our requirements for fit, function and durability, and to provide a safe biting surface for the dogs' teeth. French Ringsport decoys are the most demanding decoys in the world, and we carry two of the brands that are proven to best satisfy those needs. 



Seynaeve Dogsport suits are custom made in Belgium by a progressive company that is now providing some of the best suits available for French Ringsport and Mondio Ring, as well as the Belgian Ringsport products upon which they built their reputation for quality. These suits are quickly becoming the favorite of decoys everywhere!




Costumes JM are custom made in France by a small company who provides a high-quality product in a very responsive time frame. This brand is one of the favorites of several French decoys and judges who have visited us for trials.





Equipment Qualities:
These two brands we've chosen to carry provide you with the one-stop shopping necessary to fulfill your needs. Bitesuits from these companies provide some basic attributes we demand in our bitesuits, attributes that are not found in many of the most well-known brands of bitesuits currently available:

100% custom made to your measurements, your intended use, and your experience level

  Outer material that is composed of sufficient natural fiber content to protect the dog's teeth from breakage and wear

  The proper combination of protection and mobility. Suits from these manufacturers won't hang on you like a heavy   wet blanket!

  Realistic turn-around time that is provided honestly and rarely not met--not an easy feat   when distributing custom-made bitesuits from across the ocean

  Durable construction that provides good service life

Helpful, Knowledgeable Staff:
Our staff not only has owned and used numerous bitesuits of many of the top brands throughout the years, we are also continuously involved in training dogs to compete in French Ring 3.  Our resident French Ringsport decoy is selected as a Level 2 Trial Decoy by the North American Ringsport Association, and has been a select trial decoy for over ten years.  In addition, he has decoyed in many of the various protection sports over the past 15 years, and provides expert instruction in apprehension behaviors at police dog seminars across the Midwest. 

To best assist you with your dog training equipment needs, our in-house decoy also maintains his certification as a Trial Helper for Schutzhund USA, and is active as a trial and training helper. Prior to transitioning to French Ringsport, he was a competitor in Schutzhund, training dogs from untitled to Schutzhund 3 for himself and others.  Coupled with background gained through European dog training trips to Belgian Ring clubs, Schutzhund clubs, and KNPV clubs, we have the knowledge necessary to help you achieve your goals!

Contact us:
For more information, call Thad at 517-668-1224 or at peterson@hammerhauskennel.com. We look forward to helping you with your bitesuit needs!